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Despite this, the Dicker Max is excellent at making Silver, just keep it at range and perhaps even consider slapping the Camouflage Net Equipment on it to help boost its sneakiness.

New players should tread lightly, as you will, typically, face opponents who are well-versed in tank combat. As such, these tanks are better for players who have already had experience playing in Tier 8 matches.

T2 Light Tank

Nevertheless, the FCM 50 t is one of the best Premium tanks in World of Tanks for players looking to farm credits and level up French crews. It also offers preferential matchmaking, meaning no Tier 10 battles! Take advantage of the FCM 50 t's large tracks and decent mobility to avoid enemy fire or have the tracks absorb most of the damage. Though it does suffer from sub-par gun depression, you can still take advantage of what gun depression there is to mount yourself above enemy positions.

T-127 matchmaking

Finally, the IS-6 rounds off this list of best Premium tanks in World of Tanks, and rightly so, as this tank is often cited as a fan-favorite. What makes this Tier 8 Soviet Heavy tank so rewarding to play is its astounding damage-per-minute, its alpha damage, along with its mobility. The IS-6 is just a well-rounded and enjoyable Premium tank to play. Locust - can't tell. Matchmaking chart to help you with deciding: GeorgusIgnitus 5 Posted 16 September - T is hard as rock I ve killer 11 tanks in one battle I survived last and 4 oponents tried to get me,but armor saves the day.

Its your choice but in my opinion go for T its easy to become a real killer with that. True I like more my T becauce it was my first prem tank and I know how to drive it efectively.

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You won't be able to dominate in any prem tank, they are all weaker than their fully upgraded tech tree peers. They all have their faults - normally poor gun. The T15 is probably the best tier 3 active scout tank. But it has a tier 2 gun that is weak and to do any good you might sometimes have to resort to using prem ammo although not a major problem coz as a prem it will pay for this itself. It has 4 crew and is an excellent crew trainer for any of the German lights. The M22 Locust is more of a fighting tank than a scout.

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

It also has worse armour than the T15 and it's easy for it to lose all it's crew dead to a Pz1c while the tank still has hp's left. It has a tier 3 gun but this is pretty similar to the one on the T It's possibly slightly less agile than the T15 but it accelerates much faster. In the T15 u have to get up to speed and then never stop, just keep moving and weave about, whereas in the M22 you can stop, aim, fire, and speed off again. Because of this it's probably easier to get kills in the M22 than it is the T I think at a push the M22 is probably more fun than the T15, although not necessarily more successful.

And from experience, the T15 gets more higher tier games than the M22, which makes sense as it's more of a scout than the M One thing to be aware of, all the various rating systems mark you down if you have average tier played less than 6. So if you care lots about your ratings it's probably best to steer clear of low tier premiums. Lots of tanks are good at their tier, competitive as mid tier and still useful as bottom tier. If the S35 is a monster at its tier, it's either broken and should be removed from the game, or it should be bottom tier once in a while.

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  • You want a premium tank that gets screwed at any tier. Get yourself a Grosstraktor. Unfortunately, it's often compared to the OP B-2 which gets the same gun , but that's not a fair comparison.

    7 Best Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

    The S just plays so vastly different at different tiers Obviously many players don't feel the same way, but whatever The T is a beast in almost any game - in Tier 3 it's a beast, and in tier 4 its weaker but still effective. Beware the Banshee Comet! I hope to see many of you back out in battle soon! If you want to be one of the 47 Ronin check out our recruitment post and then send a message to Prof xbox or dimka ps4. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: