How to tell a fake dating profile

A clear sign they are an online dating scammer is if they are eager to take the conversation off-site. You chose to be on an online dating site for a reason, why is there a rush to take messaging off it?

Make sure you are not lured in by a fake online dating profile by following these signs. Are you already dating someone and think they are cheating? Here are signs to look out for!

Email will not be published required. Example of a Stock Photo. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I'm not above admitting that in my youth I was what you'd call a hacker. Seen War Games or Hackers?

What to do if you’ve called Catfish?

It's not like that, but you get the idea. So when I see systems that have flaws, I tend to geek out on them. When those flaws affect me directly, I geek out even more. This issue has become the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard of my geek cred.

How to safeguard against scammers

Let me also start by saying that I met my girlfriend on Match. Indeed, I'm a shareholder. But getting that out of the way, I need to blog about a problem the site had when I was active, and appears to still have. And I have to comment on the absolute lack of concern the site's administration seems to have regarding the problem, to the point of appearing to actively ignore it.

9 Ways to Spot “Fake” Dating Profiles (From Pictures to Messages)

The problem I have is with the vast number of fake accounts and fake activity, and how Match profits from this and, thus, has no incentive to remedy the situation even in the face of obvious steps that could be taken. When one first signs up at Match, the activity and interactions begin. Presuming you've actually gone to the trouble to create a reasonable profile and filled out the demographics, you will begin to show up in the searches that others do.

Once you start looking at other profiles and liking their photos or stating that you're interested by clicking on the checkmark of your "daily matches," you will start to interact with others. Unfortunately, many of these interactions come from fake accounts. Simple - those looking for love are vulnerable. Strike up a conversation with someone and you have a motivated target that is much more liable to fall for whatever pitch you're throwing.

This avenue has a much higher success rate for the scammer than does simple spam. Scammers know this, so they make tons of fake accounts and lure people in.

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  • 2. Are There Empty Sections on Their Profile?.

The source of my angst is that it's dead simple to spot these accounts both through their content as well as activity, and Match seems to make no effort to remove them short of customer complains. After this analysis, I'll show why this policy is actually a money-maker for them and then also allows them to state that they do their best based on complaints, a position that is somewhat disingenuous. So how easy is it to spot these fake accounts?

First, let's take the easy attributes. Given a decent match on these, one could filter out fake accounts based on this alone note that I consider fake females, since that's what I see:. But it gets even easier when you actually pattern match on the written profile. As I pointed out, they're typically just one paragraph. Given that, one could find duplicate sentences and create candidate filters based on that alone.

But the real kicker comes in that all of these fake accounts have the same sentence embedded, which is a call to email.

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The email is split up to apparently avoid a pattern match that doesn't exist if it did, Match would be using it on the known patterns. In all cases, the emails look like "username g mail com" or some broken variant thereof. Here's an actual example:. Still, as harmless as many of these dating catfishers are, it is a colossal waste of time to be chatting to them. And online dating is hard enough as it is without worrying that you are chatting to a chipmunk using a Getty Image. Well, Google Image Search is your friend. This is a tool that allows you to feed an image into your search engine, and be shown where on the internet that image is found.

If it is only found on your dating site, chances are you are pretty safe. At the very least, check out the pictures of people who are improbably good looking, or whose photos look perfectly staged. A middle-aged woman is unlikely to be approached by a stunning year-old brain surgeon; a year-old man is unlikely to be approached by a busty year-old. Most of all, listen to your gut. If you have your doubts, ask questions.

Ask for surnames, workplace details, or a spontaneous selfie. Keep an open heart, keep an open mind, but always protect yourself.

When it turns out you’re dating a stock image

And please, if any of you know the whereabouts of that dude in the photo, let me know. Yes, this is a real picture of her. Kerri Sackville writes the blog Love and Other Crises.