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Say what you will about Joey, but I appreciate that he was the only person who actually enjoyed the labyrinth experience rather than just bitching about it. There's no denying that he's not the brightest, though. Since the hockey moms already have to do the second challenge, its stupid to U turn them.

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I hope the hockey players U turn the Rethuglicans. Joey may be gayer than a dinner date with Liza Minnelli, but he seems really sweet and appears to be enjoying the Race experience. Joey probably does give good blowjobs but I bet he screams like a girl when he's getting fucked. Robert Burns could nae get enough of long juicy sausages.. Remember next week, that there's a troll who will spoil the ending by putting it in the thread title right after it airs so stay off DL until after you've seen the finale.

Joey annoyed me was WAAAAAY too gay , but he did seem to genuinely love the experience, and always kept a positive outlook on whatever situation he was in. I'm in the same position others have mentioned: I'm having trouble rooting for any of the remaining teams. The tanned Republicans can go, but the other three are just meh. The actor was a showing a nice package which looked like it swelled upon the teasing of the blondes. I'm sure there will be another bunching point soon.

I want the hockey bros to win just for Bates carrying those barrels on his shoulders. That was hot and it would have been hotter if he had been wearing a kilt. He has an ice skaters ass on him too. You could see the roundness and the hardness as he was walking away from the camera. They had some fun with all the blowing and putting long hard things in the mouth at the bagpipe challenge. Personally, I was cringing every time that one mouthpiece made the rounds between Joey's partner and her instructor.

Lame episode and lame season. Most of the tough challenges involve brute strength, like the barrel roll tonight. Of the remaining team, I root for the roller derby moms. They're tough and remarkably athletic for their age. And I can't stand how the other three teams think they're the cool kids and gang up on the everyone else -- totally juvenile.

They were there right before the shortest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It's "ED-in-bur-ah," not "ED-in-berg. Btw I finally figured out who Joey reminds me of: Kenny the page on "30 Rock"! His overly earnest, happy-go-lucky, boyish demeanor is simultaneously gay and completely nonsexual. Also, I'm sorry to see Joey and Meghan go, and will be happy for anyone but the guido-tanned Buffalo Republican asshole to win. The show ends in Washington DC.

I love Bates and Anthony. I even hope they end up with the country blonds, who I also surprisingly like. I'd absolutely hate if Max and the 'pharmacist' win. I'm rooting for either the hockey players or their puck bunnies at this point, though the hockey players probably already make big money. I agree that all the teams this year have been major duds. It's a shame because they traveled to some of the most beautiful locales this season.

Max and his dead eyed wife are so fucking tacky. He with his fake tan and her with fake hair and a ton of makeup on at 2: Please don't let them win!! And let me tell ya, it's not wishful thinking cause I want the cute guy to be on our team, NO, I don't find him cute in fact he repulses me and NO I don't want that individual on our team. I am just waiting for this one to just end - I like the roller derby moms, but none of the other teams really seem all that likeable. I want the roller derby moms to win.

But they probably won't. I don't like the other teams. Was it every explained why they didn't like Joey, Meghan and the roller derby moms? It seems like every season the gay contestants are ganged up on. I don't know why this season is getting such great ratings. Last season with Josh and Brent was far superior, yet it got some of the lowest ratings in TAR history. I wonder if the heavy gay angle caused flyover viewers to tune out?

Exclusive: Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia talk 'The Amazing Race' (Part 2)

The alternative is to not cast any black or Asian teams to save people from making absurd conclusions. Please expand on this I'm didn't know that Asians are not supposed to "see figures".

The "young dumb" team? Which one would that be? This season the young team was certainly not dumb by any means, and they finished 5th out of 11, a very good accomplishment. That they refer to themselves as "the sexy six" is revolting enough. I want roller derby moms but have a dreadful inklin' we're in for a max and katey victory.

Young dumb was the blond guy and his gf who lost because they stupidly didn't their express pass. Last season was far superior and IMO the best of the last couple of years. The twins, the strippers, the Beekmans, the couple who got eliminated by the U-Turn, all made for great and entertaining reality TV. Plus the finale was really nail biting, and memorable. I bet this year's finale will be a dud and the strongest team the brothers end up winning it.

R, I don't think anyone understands your Asian "stereotype" about not being able to "seen an image. All the way back to WWII, a stereotype of Asians was that they couldn't see well because of their eye shape. Asians were depicted with giant glasses all over. It still creeps in at times. And you'd think they'd have gotten over all that when their zeros were cutting our planes out of the air right and left. Thanks for the link, r I was touched by Joey's account of his and Meghan's elimination. Nice guy- and very cute. Does Joey admit to being gay? I've been predicting Max and Katie as the winners for a couple of weeks now, and I stand by that prediction.

Mona and Beth- the roller derby girls- are the team viewers will want to win but who will lose to a less popular team. Bates and Anthony are the strong team who will fall short.

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As for the country singers, we can disregard them! He's a glass closet. He mostly refuses to discuss it, and the few times he has talked about dating, he uses "they" rather than she or he. I don't think they'll win. Things fell their way the last two weeks and I don't see that continuing.

R, the ratings for this season and last and the one before that are all the same. Stop with your back-handed efforts to put down Josh. I think Bates and Anthony will win. Max and Katie have not been getting a very winner-ish edit. I'd love it if the derby moms won, though. His dad is a carpenter. I'm not sure what his mom does, but she's an alcoholic who just recently went to rehab. To all those asking how the blond country singers are still around - basically, they haven't made mistakes. No, they aren't the strongest racers, but they never have a big screw-up in navigation or in challenges.

And thats all you need to do to stick around - not come in last place. I don't see them as a threat to win famous last words but I think they deserve their spot in the F4. A lot of people attribute this seasons inflated ratings to the presence of the internet darlings, r It wouldn't surprise me to see a precipitous drop in ratings for the finale. Hopefully the Derby Moms can take it. If they don't make the final leg, I may not bother watching it. I hate Max and Katie and I'm indifferent about the other two.

I'm always surprised to hear people wont watch because of the teams. I've always tuned in to see the locations and learn more about the cultures, so I watched faithfully even during the wretched Family edition.

These people don't know what oysters look like or the difference between a clear soup and a cream of barley?? I hate Max and Katie, but at least they're not boneheads. I wonder if they're going to have the comp where you have to guess what happened where, or in what order?