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If they make a comment that you heard someone else make just the other day, zip your lips. Maintain the air of intimacy by keeping the focus on the two of you without bringing anyone else into the conversation, even if the comparison is favorable. Steer clear of topics that they might consider taboo or otherwise find uncomfortable. If they receive a phone call or text, or if a friend of theirs walks up and whispers in their ear, leave it unmentioned. Keep negative comments to yourself. Even if you have a valid complaint about your sister or a buddy, remember that your Scorpio will wonder why you shared it with them.

Avoid leaving the impression that you're just as likely to speak negatively of them behind their back, too. Expect your Scorpio to want to dictate their own lives and, to an extent, yours. Adapt yourself as best as you can to their vision of how things should be. The less compatible they are, the more likely that you should probably end things rather than waste time by asking them to change for you.

Talk about the future. Ask them what their goals in life are: Compare them with your own. Talk about their expectations of you. Scorpios like to dictate the nature of their relationships as well as everything else. If you fit their idea of an ideal mate, congrats. Stand your ground when needed. Earn their respect by refusing to be a pushover, while ensuring that they treat you how you wish to be treated. Scorpios have a lot of issues regarding trust, so make earning and keeping their trust a top priority. At the same time, accept that they will probably never share everything with you.

Stay out of their sock drawer. Leave their cellphones and other devices alone unless they invite you to use them. Never lie to them.

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Expect them to judge you on how devoted you are to being their partner. Avoid flirting with anyone else. Your Scorpio might misinterpret "being polite" with "being interested. Keep their sense of adventure alive. Avoid falling into predictable routines. Stimulate their love of life and pursuit. Conquer new challenges together. Propose new activities for the both of you to do. Go wall- or rock-climbing. Find a local polar-bear swim and take a midwinter dive into icy waters.

Explore intellectual pursuits as a couple. Join an art program and learn how to paint or sculpt together. Take a walking tour to learn about local history. Go to lectures and museums or even a murder-mystery dinner.

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Put your brains together and expand your knowledge. Spice up your love life. However, ease into this, rather than daring them right from the get-go.

How To Date A Scorpio Man

Define your relationship in clear terms. Although Scorpios are eager to meet their soulmate, they will often accept chemistry as they find it, whether it be with a longterm partner or a friend with benefits. Find out why they "turn off. Scorpios are prone to mood swings, so brace yourself. Avoid mirroring their behavior and making things worse.

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When they shut you out, gently probe for the reason why. When they rage out, bite your tongue. Avoid being drawn into a screaming match and escalating the situation. Let them get it all out, and then reply with calm, measured responses. Know when to call it quits.

Scorpios love to be in control and tend to be jealous and possessive. Pay attention to how they treat you when you fight or disagree. If they handle you roughly beyond a playful manner , insult you, or ignore your hurt feelings, take it as a warning sign that they care more about control than about you. It depends on how you define "first move. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

In conversation, Scorpios are most fascinated by emotional truth, things that matter on the deepest levels. Avoid telling a Scorpio everything all at once or you will lose their interest. Scorpios are natural detectives. Their curious nature longs for a mystery to solve.

How to Love a Cancer Man

Create an air of mystery around yourself by keeping some details about your life or your past to yourself. Refrain from asking questions that are too personal. Scorpios can be complicated and secretive. Asking too many questions may make them suspicious of your motives. Scorpios show their hidden selves only to those they trust and still may never reveal their whole self to you.


Remain aware that Scorpios have a tendency to be quiet and withdrawn. It's not that they aren't interested in you. Scorpios tend to rely on their intuition and powers of observation rather than the unreliable testimony of others. If a Scorpio is willing to spend time with you then trust that they enjoy your company, even if they never say so. Share things that you have in common with a Scorpio. Scorpios, like many other people, love to discuss shared interests. If you have the same taste in music or like the same television show, be sure to bring those topics up in conversation.

Do things to show them that you care about them. Scorpios are sensitive to the smallest gestures and will appreciate them even if they don't seem to show it. For example, let's say your Scorpio friend is standing next to a mutual friend.

You can hug that person quickly, but when you hug the Scorpio, hold them and squeeze them with great warmth. Give them sincere compliments to show your respect and affection. A scorpio will be able to tell that your words are heartfelt. If you give them a gift, it doesn't need to be expensive but make sure it is special and meaningful. Wear dark colors such as black, red, blue and purple to get the attention of a Scorpio.

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Scorpios are drawn to colors that are dark or powerful. Go with any of these colors that compliments your eyes to really stand out to a Scorpio.

Court a Scorpio until you have earned their trust. What Scorpios truly desire is a meaningful and loving relationship. They long to connect on the deepest emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. This means it can take a long time for a Scorpio to fall in love. Scorpios are the most loyal people you will ever meet if they feel you are worthy of their loyalty and love.