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O when I did the kiss on the cheek one, Amber was like "oh yeah, I can do that right back! No creature would willingly make an idiot out of itself. Obviously you've never been in love. Seems no matter who I'm dating it sounds like I'm going to fast for them. I believe the responses are the same, regardless of love level.

Kissing Dolce on the cheek after all these years of having a kid, and she still gets an error whenever I do it. Of course, that response does make it fun xD As for how much each action gives I'm not sure on that. They all seem to be positive though, based on my experience with Dolce at least. More topics from this board Later talk to Amber while she is near Kiel in front of the Grocery Store.

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Kiel will be telling her about new supplies Bado got in. The next day Kiel and Amber will talk again in the same place about Bado's items.

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The day after that Kiel, Forte, and Amber will get together to talk in the town square. Amber will faint and you'll all go to the clinic. Amber will wake up and leave. Talk to her and she'll tell you she is having trouble remembering things and that most of the things she doesn't remember happen at night. Amber will hang out in town square all day. Go into your room and you'll get a scene.

You'll find out Ambrosia is possessing Amber at night and she invites you to speak with her another night.

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The next day wait until night and talk to Amber again when she is in her room. Say you are here to see Ambrosia and not Amber and then you'll get a scene. Go back the next day and talk to Amber. She'll as to go to the observatory with you. Say that you will. Amber won't listen to what you have to say. Talk to her after the scene and try to talk again. Then go back to your room that night and go towards your bed.

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Ambrosia will stop by again to talk to you. The next day talk to Amber. She will ask you to spend the day with Ambrosia. If you accept the "date" will be set for the next day. Talk to Amber the next day. She'll want to go to the forest with you. Take her to the area with the river and the water fall. You'll get a scene. Keep walking to the next area and you'll get another scene. She'll want to head back after that.

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Turn and go back to the waterfall area and you'll get another scene. After that scene talk with Kiel. Go back to the forest and speak with Ambrosia. After that scene go to the deepest part of the forest. You will have to fight a battle so be ready. Once the fight is over the two of you will go back in town and then the sub-event will be over. Got this event by doing the sleep trick, anyway you talk to Clorica one day and she'll say that she wants to go to Bado's to pick out an acessory. The next day, head down to Bado's for scene, a choice will pop up, but the choices don't matter.

So go ahead and choose The next day, head to the general store. Follow after her after the scene and she'll ask for a date to the Observatory. Say yes Next day, head to the Observatory. You'll be given a choice, any option is fine. Next day she'll want to go on another date, choose to go to Porco's place. Once you get to the entrance, Clorica will change her mind, and will want to go to the lake instead. Once there, it'll start to rain, and you're given a choice, pick whatever option.

The next day, you and Vishnal search the town for her talk to the villagers and Ventuswill if she's there. Once you're done, talk to Vishnal at the town entrance--he's located Clorica outside the town.

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The next day, head to the flowershop. There's a choice during the scene, again it doesn't matter. Head to the clinic next for a scene. Find Illuminata, and talk to her. You'll get a series of choices. If you want to marry Clorica, pick the obvious choices, and she'll give you items needed to make the engagement ring. Find Clorica and propose if you're marrying her, or give her an Apple Pie if you're not. RF4 Marriage and Confession Guide. Hence why it's called "hareming. Icon made by Terra Thanks for making this thread Rope!

Also, Is it true that there is a certain set of subevents for each character that you have to complete before you can marry someone?

Rune Factory 4 - Date with Doug at the Lake

I would just like to thank you for writing this! It's really nice of you to make a straightforward guide for this game. Once you start dating, don't you have to set off another chain of events to marry them? There are a few prerequisite sub-events that you have to trigger for each character before you can marry them, yeah. There were 2 for Arthur that I needed, but there's only one I believe that you need for Leon and Dylas. I mean, we've always had to do events to get married, and I find them one of the best parts of the game. It's because the whole sub-event system it's extraordinarily random.

After you finish the needed sub-events, you THEN have to wait until the game decides to be nice and trigger the actual marriage event. It's all pretty much luck based. The content in the sub-events is fabulous and I love it, but how you have to go about triggering them is a gigantic pain. Luckily the marriage events are very nice and all but make up for what you have to do to get them. Good idea in a thread I'm going to get RF4. Small tip guys since you can't break up with anyone you should really chose who you date very carefully. My 3DS FC is: Page 1 of Previous topic Next topic.

AKA Confessions So, you want to start dating? How to begin 1. Get your lover's love points LP up to 7 or higher 2. I suggest saving your game at this point before you ask them. ALSO check and see that you haven't triggered a sub-event that they are a part of.

If you have, finish it first. I'd personally finish ANY sub-event that are currently activated, just in case. To check and see if you have a sub-event active, go to your diary save point in your room and check and see if there is a "town event" option. If there is, then you have a sub-event active.

Click on it to see the name and which characters are involved.