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In your adult lives, have any of you been on dates with a chaperone? How did that turn out? Do you have a view on this? Recently I asked a girl on a date, and there wasn't any misunderstanding that it would be a date, and after some clashing of schedules to find a date we agreed a time and location I bought a round of drinks including for the brother and we sat at a table and had a chat Quite a good conversation Whether there was a coded communication between the girl and her brother I'm not sure, but there came a point where he faded out of the conversation "checking messages" on his phone so I could talk more with the girl He bought me a drink on his way out.

The rest of the date continued more like a normal first date Not sure on a second date Not sure if she'll be bringing a chaperone for another date.

Anyway, it was a very unusual experience for me, so I'm curious to know if anyone has dated in a similar fashion. Share Share this post on Digg Del. My cousin set me up with one of her friends years ago I was going through a dry spell and this chick pretty much told my cousin she liked me. So I said, sure why not. So I went on a date with her.

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We met at the mall close to where she lives, but about an hour drive for me. Her two younger brothers, high school aged, and one of their friends came a long. Alcohol loosens our behavioural inhibitors and causes us to behave emotionally instead of rationally. You need a clear head on a first date! Your inner child needs your calm rational adult head to guide her beyond the whirlwind of emotions — to be able to be calm and receptive, yet enquiring without interrogation or pressure.

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To show yourself as an interesting individual with your own interests, friends and dreams. Your chaperone will enable you to ask the questions that establish basic compatibility, and to find out if you both want the same things and are on a similar path. The hope being that this will save you the time and heartache of another failed relationship. Your inner child might otherwise settle for someone just because they show an interest in you. They might not be a suitable or compatible partner after the early frisson fades away. Maybe you've been a daddy's girl, or mummy's boy, and that special bond has been a hard act to follow.

Your favoured parent's shoes are much too big for anyone else to fill, and so you need to get a more balanced, objective, and fair perspective — and separate them from your 'ideal' that no-one else can live up to and there's no reason why they should!

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It may be that the 'date' is more interested in their projection upon you, instead of who you really are. Perhaps you remind them of someone else and they overlay you with that fantasy image - until the reality bursts through the veil and disappointment engulfs you both. You won't want to come across as desperate and lonely — even though you might feel this way. Neither do you want to appear to be 'playing it cool' — when cool is the last thing you feel!

You won't want to be triggered and catapulted back to your childhood reactions to your parents, if your date has a certain voice tone, body posture or sense of humour.

Does Your Inner Child Need A Chaperone On A First Date? | Life Labs

Instead you'll need 'outside' help from your inner chaperone to enable you to pause In a new encounter your childhood attachment style will be activated and any of those old fears or disappointments will then shape and direct your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You need to be able to notice this and keep it in check before it ruins everything! Perhaps you have a tendency from your emotional attachment style to be either insular, ambivalent, anxious, or even chaotic — none of which make for good first date! Maybe you deeply want closeness yet your old conditioning makes you push it away.

Your fears of further betrayal, neglect, rejection or abandonment can stifle your hopes for love and safety in the future. Our old experiences tend to create our current expectations and we take these with us into every new encounter. So we must become aware of what we're doing and intentionally separate the past from the present, and remind ourselves that each new encounter is unique. Our gut instincts — assuming we heed them - can guide us away from potential harm, but we must be clear about what is our safety instinct and what is our fear. Fear can prevent us from giving love a chance.


Your inner child wants to feel safe, loved and special but it's a big risk to show anyone that much vulnerability, desire, need or even craving. That level of self-disclosure is best saved for later in any developing relationship - when you have both decided to take that step of getting to know who one another really are.

Some people will never show who they really are because they are too afraid of being hurt again — or because they lack emotional intelligence or literacy and are unable to express deeper emotions. Your chaperone will be looking out for this and making a 'mental note' for you.

You may have attracted partners in the past with those unwanted traits that are similar to your father or mother - but you didn't see this at the time and don't now trust yourself to notice these soon enough. Your chaperone can be sensitively looking out for these — which realistically will probably take more than a first date, depending upon how long the date is for. You can then gain a more helpful picture of who your date is - assuming they aren't a pathological liar, con-artist, narcissist or psychopath skilled in the art of deception!

Their presence is like watching yourself from two steps to the side This gives us the mental space to give thoughtful responses, and to ask linked questions that take the conversation into more meaningful territory. The superficial chit-chat oils the wheels of your conversation, yet it's your intentional comments and questions which will make those wheels turn in the right direction — that of getting to know what makes the other person tick.

When we are also the observer of our interaction it allows us to pause for two seconds before answering. It's like shifting from playing in a game of ping-pong, to being the umpire watching how the game plays out, and keeping to the rules of respect and sensitivity. When you 'sit back' you can more clearly have an overview of the encounter and think of what questions to ask and how to ask them. This helps you to gain clarity in those important first minutes or hours. This is when so much is expressed which an anxious inner child doesn't see or hear because they are in a tense reactive mode.

You and your inner child then become empowered to be the choice maker — not waiting to be seen as acceptable and picked by someone else like in those school sports teams of years ago! In spite of any new acquaintance wanting to push things further along than you feel entirely comfortable with, you can - with calm composure, pace and poise - allow yourselves those first three months of symbiosis when you feel elated at how similar you are and how great it is to be together. The three to nine months phase is that of differentiation and working through how different you are, your individual triggers and the emergence of your unmet needs.

In any healthy relationship there's a need for both people to have emotional self-regulation and to heal their own wounds - instead of acting them out with projections and victimhood. Your chaperone can be with you long enough to ensure that you are not making The 3 Big Mistakes that will stifle and perhaps destroy your new relationship. However, with awareness, we can 'steer' conversations in a light way, to find out those things about someone which tell us more about their character and personality traits.

What are your family like siblings, parents and grandparents , and how do you get along with each of them? How often do you meet up?

Does Your Inner Child Need A Chaperone On A First Date?

Do you have any hobbies Are any of them carried over from your childhood? What made you decide to meet me and what are looking for ideally? A casual encounter, just a platonic friendship and companion, to start a happy and potentially long-term relationship? It's best to know this upfront — without pressure or expectation that they are looking for the same outcome as you are.

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